Eliminate the Bullshit: Week 6 Mindfulness Body & Breath Meditation

Yoginis and Meditators,
Today’s video starts with a 10 minute mindfulness meditation, focusing on the movement of breath within the body. Mindfulness is a quick, accessible way to slow down the mind; it’s good for a better night’s sleep, a clear focus at the beginning of the day, and a happy mind anytime. If you have found these videos and are wanting to start at the beginning, all you need to do is type in the search engine “eliminate the bullshit” and all 7 videos (including a practice video) from this series will come up.

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Also, I’m interested in what you are looking for in a meditation practice so please feel free to share with me by email at renee@blacksheepyoga.com.

I wish you an authentic and fabulous life,


Eliminate the Bullshit: Week 5 Vipassana Meditation

Welcome to Black Sheep Yoga’s Eliminate the Bullshit Meditation Video Series! In this video, we start with some gentle stretches for the neck, and then we practice a 10 minute guided vipassana meditation. Vipassana invites us to watch the mind and the mind’s thoughts as an audience might watch a movie or a play.

It does not require that are you are able to sit still with no thoughts already; that is like going to a yoga class and saying I’m not ready because I’m ‘too tight.’ Because you are too tight, you are perfect for yoga, or in this case, because your mind is busy, you are a perfect candidate for vipassana meditation.

Vipassana encourages clarity, calm, clear-seeing, and an overall vibrant life. Like all meditation practices, with devotion, you may see beauty arrive in surprising ways.

I wish you an authentic and fabulous life,


Eliminate the Bullshit: Week 4 Forgiveness Meditation

Welcome to Black Sheep Yoga’s Eliminate the Bullshit meditation video series! In this video, we invite the body to soften and release with a short hip opener, and then we practice a 10 minute forgiveness meditation for oneself. In order to Eliminate the Bullshit, we must let go.

This hip opener invites the body to let go, and forgiveness meditation invites us to let go of tension, anger, and grasping we may hold in our heart. It’s an incredible practice!, but it’s your intuition that will tell you if you are ready for this one. Also, may I remind all lovely meditators that it’s not a substitute for professional help when needed.

I wish you an authentic and fabulous life,


Eliminate the Bullshit: Week 3 Who Am I Meditation

Welcome to Eliminate the Bullshit! This is Week 3 of a 6 week Meditation Series. You can jump right in, right now, right here! and you are also welcome to ‘walk backwards’ and watch the introduction, “Eliminate the Bullshit: A Smart 6 Week Meditation Series.”

Today, I cover what is Who Am I meditation, a technique for both seeing yourself more clearly, developing a healthier sense of self, and seeing where you may be ‘stuck,’ where the bullshit is. It is an awesome, amazing tool. Thank you for practicing!

I wish you an authentic, extraordinary life!

Eliminate the Bullshit: Week 1, Practice Here Now

Here is a practice video so you can get right to it this week! So here it is; a short mindfulness practice video. Next week, we will start Metta meditation on Tuesday, April 9th.

Let me know how it’s going.