In February, I will offer a series of meditation classes called Radical Listening for Queer Women and Genderqueer People in Portland, Oregon. My intention is to create an environment throughout the year where we can heal; build community; and gain greater self-awareness while having a lovely time.

I am currently raising money through GoFundMe to support nine months of regular classes. If you are here because you are a queer lady looking for healing space, you can subscribe to my email list; and eventually, I will send an update announcing the first class. The other easy way to stay on my schedule is to join Dyke Yoga at (fun name, open to all queer ladies and genderqueer folks); and I will announce there too.

If you’d like to help me by donating money, seriously, everything and anything you can give is appreciated and will affect queer people in a valuable and magical way. We, more than ever now, need safe spaces to gather in; and to practice healing and Radical Listening.

Please donate here at GoFundMe; or if you are a queer lady or gender queer person in Portland, Oregon, join me here.

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