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For Intuition, Do Yoga From Your Belly: Kapalabhati; belly; hips and thighs. Slow steady, accessible practice. Levels 1-2 appropriate with some exceptions; not appropriate for most pregnant women; for some people with lumbar or low back pain (it depends, the best way to find out is to do the practice gently, and pay very close […]

This original post went out Tuesday, August 25th, 2015.   I mentioned my swollen shoulder in another newsletter that I sent by email. What I didn’t detail: My complicated relationship with, ahem, yoga. I used to practice yoga for three hours straight and then drink two bottles of wine in a row.  I was a […]

To provide light entertainment, here is a clip of Will Ferrell from the movie Elf.     You can get more of this good stuff once a week by subscribing to my newsletter.  Thanks! In 2005, I wore a dress with big pink flowers to a friend’s wedding; I danced on my toes and I smiled big and […]

If you enjoy these posts, you can subscribe to the blog using the link on the right. Tonight, I, the puffball, was walking down the street past two matching Calicos.  One Calico was staring at me next to a wheelbarrow, and the other was revealing only its eyes and ears, hiding behind a big white […]

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