In The Mood to Learn: Your Immune System and Yoga

In The Mood to Learn will go from Tuesday, October 13th through Tuesday, December 15th.  If you have a specific yoga pose you have questions about, or you are really curious about a scientific term that is brought up in yoga, please ask your questions below.  I may use your feedback to create a video if I have the information!  October is devoted to the lymphatic system and how that relates to the physical yoga practice.  What I would like is to help yoga students better understand why certain poses are recommended; and how our physiology (the function of human bodies) influences what yoga poses we do.

Also, if you see an error in my science or believe an important fact is being left out, please let me know what you know! Comment below so we can all learn.

When I spoke of blood going through the body via the circulatory system, I should have mentioned that blood that flows throughout the body (with the exception of the lungs) is moving through systemic circulation, and the blood that flows to the lungs is moving through pulmonary circulation.  The lymphatic system is a separate system that supports the circulatory system.

Did this clarify what the lymphatic system does?

What are your questions that come up?

Namaste y’all,


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