Eliminate the Bullshit: Week 6 Mindfulness Body & Breath Meditation

Yoginis and Meditators,
Today’s video starts with a 10 minute mindfulness meditation, focusing on the movement of breath within the body. Mindfulness is a quick, accessible way to slow down the mind; it’s good for a better night’s sleep, a clear focus at the beginning of the day, and a happy mind anytime. If you have found these videos and are wanting to start at the beginning, all you need to do is type in the search engine “eliminate the bullshit” and all 7 videos (including a practice video) from this series will come up.

I’ve decided to stop video blogging for the time being. In July, I will send out a newsletter and let you know what my plans are for Black Sheep Yoga! If you are interested, please subscribe to my blog where it says “Get on the list.”

Also, I’m interested in what you are looking for in a meditation practice so please feel free to share with me by email at renee@blacksheepyoga.com.

I wish you an authentic and fabulous life,


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