Eliminate the Bullshit: Week 3 Who Am I Meditation

Welcome to Eliminate the Bullshit! This is Week 3 of a 6 week Meditation Series. You can jump right in, right now, right here! and you are also welcome to ‘walk backwards’ and watch the introduction, “Eliminate the Bullshit: A Smart 6 Week Meditation Series.”

Today, I cover what is Who Am I meditation, a technique for both seeing yourself more clearly, developing a healthier sense of self, and seeing where you may be ‘stuck,’ where the bullshit is. It is an awesome, amazing tool. Thank you for practicing!

I wish you an authentic, extraordinary life!

3 Replies to “Eliminate the Bullshit: Week 3 Who Am I Meditation”

  1. Unfortunately DEFINITELY not ready for this. You know me, just nervous giggles and eye rolls. I will stick with metta for awhile and come back to this at another time. Thank you so much for making it even though it’s hard.

  2. Yes, Val! I think it’s great that you are being straight about what works for you right now! I mean diving into Who Am I Meditation could be like a year-long retreat. But it’s nice to know what it is so when you are ready, the ‘video’ will come. Usually, we say the teacher will come.


  3. Hey Yogis,
    Just checking in from my seat at my current day job. Like you perhaps, my days are packed and it’s challenging to get in the meditation. I’ve found that you have to decide what the fluff is in your life and clear it out. Yesterday, I made room for a 30 minute practice which I try to do whenever possible; and today it looks like I will get in my meditation right before bed.

    How is the Who Am I working for you? If there are questions, please send them to me by email or leave a comment to share the question.


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