Eliminate the Bullshit: A Smart 6 Week Meditation Series

4 Replies to “Eliminate the Bullshit: A Smart 6 Week Meditation Series”

  1. Renee! I just started this last night (3 weeks late, no sweat). Hoping it will help me not murder whoever’s been microwaving fish for lunch everyday this week in my open plan office, among other things.

  2. Katie,
    You always make me laugh. I think it’ll help and it’s great that you are starting today! Just do each video’s practice for 1 week; and you’ll get a global overview of some great tools!

    I suggest picking 1 after the 40 days to stick with for a 3 months. I know it sounds like forever, but it’ll have a big impact; and you probably won’t want to physically harm as many people; those people might even stop bothering you….who knows.

    Yay! Katie!

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