My strength is I see most things from many angles, and I can think outside the box.  It is the awkward and uncomfortable and the wild that interests me. This blog has been a work in progress for four years now; and before that, I was working on another blog about yoga called Thursday Yoga.

I’m convinced that my own struggle with Clinical Depression was deepened by growing up in a homophobic society, being sometimes invisible and sometimes misunderstood.  The gift has been; I’m fairly comfortable witnessing and being there for others pain; and I have cultivated some empathy.  I currently teach yoga privately to people walking paths through depression; and am teaching workshops starting in January called Eliminate the Bullshit: Conscious Movement and Community for Depression.

Conscious movement practices have saved me more than once.  I’m well trained in the physical, but I am more interested in creating space to heal the emotional.  I’ve taken significant coursework in anatomy, physiology and chemistry beyond what’s required to teach yoga.  I consider Annie Carpenter my teacher; and have completed my 500 YA training with Annie.  I’ve been teaching yoga since January 2009.

I have been and still am a seeker,

but I have ceased to question stars and books.

I have begun to listen to the teachings

my blood whispers to me.

Hermann Hesse

If you’re interested in how I practice yoga at home, you should watch this video, I Do Yoga.

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Namaste y’all, Renée


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