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I’ve been going through all of my old videos; and I came across this old but very useful video.  I’m sorry it’s a little blurry, but I think it might be helpful.  This is mindfulness at its simplest, based in the body.  Please let me know what you think as it helps me make better […]

This video was previously posted in April 2013.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with metta, may this give you the motivation to ‘cut the shit, and do the thing.’ Namaste y’all, Renee

If you’ve never practiced with me, here’s an oldie but goodie.  This is a very slow flow vinyasa class.  I would love to know?  What worked for you?  Would you be more likely to watch a shorter class?  Did you find it too hard or too easy? Namaste y’all, If you’d like to know my […]

Yoginis and Meditators, Today’s video starts with a 10 minute mindfulness meditation, focusing on the movement of breath within the body. Mindfulness is a quick, accessible way to slow down the mind; it’s good for a better night’s sleep, a clear focus at the beginning of the day, and a happy mind anytime. If you […]

Welcome to Black Sheep Yoga’s Eliminate the Bullshit Meditation Video Series! In this video, we start with some gentle stretches for the neck, and then we practice a 10 minute guided vipassana meditation. Vipassana invites us to watch the mind and the mind’s thoughts as an audience might watch a movie or a play. It […]

Welcome to Black Sheep Yoga’s Eliminate the Bullshit meditation video series! In this video, we invite the body to soften and release with a short hip opener, and then we practice a 10 minute forgiveness meditation for oneself. In order to Eliminate the Bullshit, we must let go. This hip opener invites the body to […]

Welcome to Eliminate the Bullshit! This is Week 3 of a 6 week Meditation Series. You can jump right in, right now, right here! and you are also welcome to ‘walk backwards’ and watch the introduction, “Eliminate the Bullshit: A Smart 6 Week Meditation Series.” Today, I cover what is Who Am I meditation, a […]