queering yoga & meditation in portland, oregon

Enjoy. Breathing deeply is one of the best ways to calm the nervous system (reduce anxiety); and focus the mind. You can go to wwww.gofundme.com/radicallistening to support my ongoing queer lady meditation series.

This might be a worthy cause for you if:

1. You believe in creating safe spaces for queer women and gender nonconforming folk.

2. You believe in the benefits of both meditation; and witnessing. And if you aren’t familiar with witnessing, it’s a deep, deep form of listening. I think it’s used by some psychotherapists; and it’s definitely used in the 5 Rhythms dance practice created by Gabrielle Roth.

3. You believe in what I do!

Cool. Thank you yogis and meditators,


The dharma talk that I referred to in the video is available at Dharmaseed.org which provides free, quality dharma talks. The talk is called “How Letting Go Happens”; the teacher was Pascal Auclair. This video here explores the three part breath; 4 count inhale, 7 count pause, and 8 count exhale (4-7-8). The purpose is to decrease anxiety, calm the nervous system, and also may be used to prepare for sleep. Enjoy!, and if you are really liking what I’m doing, please donate. Every cent is appreciated and helpful, Renee

For Intuition, Do Yoga From Your Belly: Kapalabhati; belly; hips and thighs. Slow steady, accessible practice. Levels 1-2 appropriate with some exceptions; not appropriate for most pregnant women; for some people with lumbar or low back pain (it depends, the best way to find out is to do the practice gently, and pay very close attention).

Also, I continue to offer 15-20 minute customizeable yoga videos for $90. If you have something very specific you’d like to work on, this is a great way to go. Please email me at renee@blacksheepyoga.com if you have any questions; or are wondering if I could work with your concern.

Thank you for practicing!



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